Il primo cluster dedicato  alle tecnologie digitali avanzate, AI, HPC, CS, ADV DIGITAL SKILLS.

European Digital Innovation Hubs in Digital Europe Programme

European Digital Innovation Hubs will play a central role in the Digital Europe Programme to stimulate the broad uptake of Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Cybersecurity as well as other digital technologies by industry (in particular SMEs and midcaps) and public sector organisations in Europe.

The European Commission has proposed the creation of the first-ever Digital Europe Programme, which would invest €9.2 billion to align the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027 with increasing digital challenges. In this frame. European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) function as one-stop shops that help companies dynamically respond to these challenges and become more competitive.

Ideas empowered by Digital Innovation Hubs

By providing access to technical expertise and experimentation as well as the possibility to “test before invest”, EDIHs help companies improve business/production processes, products, or services using digital technologies. They also provide innovation services, such as financing advice, training, and skills development that are needed for a successful digital transformation. Environmental issues are also taken into account, in particular with regard to energy consumption and low carbon emissions.

Country contact points for EDIHs and Info Days 

How will the EDIHs work?

European Digital Innovation Hubs will have both local and European functions. EU funding will be made available for hubs that are already (or will be) supported by their Member States (or regions), in order to increase the impact of public funding. The Digital Europe Programme will increase the capacities of the selected hubs to cover activities with a clear European added value, based on networking the hubs and promoting the transfer of expertise. Member States have an essential role in the selection process of the EDIHs; the initial network of EDIHs will be established from a list of hubs designated by the Member States.

The European Commission has developed a document that explains how the EDIH will be implemented in the Digital Europe Programme as well as a series of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

Download “EDIH in the Digital Europe Programme” 

Download FAQ document on EDIHs

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has developed a draft practical handbook with good practices on investments in Digital Innovation Hubs. The handbook aims to support regional, national, and RIS3 Implementation policymakers.

Download draft practical handbook

Next Steps

Following the ongoing negotiations on the Multi-annual Financial Framework in general and the Digital Europe Programme in particular, a first restricted call for EDIHs is expected to be launched in the 4th Quarter of 2020, to enable selected EDIHs to start their operation in 2021. This implies that the Member States should be ready to designate their hubs to the Commission by September/October 2020.

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